Privacy Statement

The HR Advance data model and –infrastructure© has been developed in close observation of the GDPR privacy principles (data confidentiality, purpose limitation, data minimization and accountability).
LThe HR Advance data model and –infrastructure© has been developed in close observation of the GDPR privacy principles (data confidentiality, purpose limitation, data minimization and accountability).

Privacy Statement.


HR Advance is diligent in the protection of privacy and the security of data that we process in the context of our services. We receive and store personal data relating to the current, future and former employees of our clients only when required in connection with our services. Our Privacy statement describes in detail how we treat personal data that we receive from our clients.

HR Advance collects, processes and stores personal data in accordance with EU regulations (2016/679). We process personal data only in the way agreed with clients (employers) or if request, instructed or authorized by an individual directly. HR Advance will – at any time – ensure that appropriate security mechanisms and protocols are in place to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Only upon explicit instruction, will HR Advance exchange any personal data to an employer. Our suppliers may also receive – or have access to – certain personal data, depending on the services they provide. Suppliers will be contractually required to limit the use of personal data to specifically authorized purposes only and will only receive or be able to access personal data to the extent required to provide said services.

Exchange of personal data

Our responsibility for the security and protection of personal data extends also to the conscientious exchange of personal data. HR Advance will only exchange personal data with the contact person(s) registered and authorized by client organizations and will exchange data only through secured methods. Under no circumstances will HR Advance use or sell personal data for commercial purposes nor will we exchange personal data with any foreign governments within – or outside of – the European Union unless obliged by law. Any enquiries on personal data are to be addressed to the individual person to whom they belong or his or her client organization.

Upon receipt of any request for data not originating from the registered contact person(s), the request will be forwarded to the registered contact person(s) of the respective client organization. HR Advance will take no further action, nor does it accept any responsibility or claim to exchange any kind of personal data or information about client organizations that is not already available within the public domain, including – but not limited to – the contact person(s) registered and authorized by client organizations.

Access and security

While HR Advance employs sophisticated security mechanisms and appropriate technical, physical and administrative policies and procedures to prevent unlawful and unauthorized access to highly sensitive information, we must accept that information technologies are never truly and completely “unhackable”. As such clients are advised not to store highly sensitive information – such as Tax Identification Numbers, Passport numbers or Credit card numbers on our products.

HR Advance continuously updates its security protocols to ensure the highest possible modern standards with regards to data security.

If you think or suspect that HR Advance is incorrectly or insecurely processing your personal data or has otherwise neglected any obligations or reasonable precaution to secure your right to privacy, please contact our Privacy- & Data Security Officer via

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